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About Ware Nectar


Hi there friends! 

My name is Jessica Ware and I was born and raised in Louisville, KY. My passion for clothing and fashion have always been a staple of my personality. So naturally I decided to start my own business! I began the journey of creating Ware Nectar in late 2019 and since then have received an overwhelming amount of support from family, friends, and the community. 

Over the last few years I began to notice gaps within the market here in Louisville. Finding cute heels, the perfect top to pair with your bottoms, or eccentric festie clothes started to feel more like a stressful task with a time crunch than a fun shopping experience. 

Thus, Ware Nectar was born. ⚡️⚡️⚡️

Having the opportunity to curate a brand that is both on trend and affordable is something I’ve dreamed of for too long! While my main focus started off as creating the ultimate retail destination Louisville needs, why not share these fun finds online for my out of town fashion lovers? 

Succeeding in this industry, to me, means more than just a transaction. I am constantly communicating with my Ware Nectar customers to ensure that they are not only satisfied with the quality and styles offered, but to ensure they know there’s a boutique at their fingertips for every event, at any time.

As my company grows, we expect our inventory to match that growth. Stay tuned for what’s coming in store next. 💥


As we all know, retailers are responsible for contributing to mass amounts of pollution, amongst other things, worldwide. We strive to hold true to our values by being as eco-friendly of a brand as possible and playing our role in helping protect our earth. We’re more than just a fashion brand. Ware Nectar is a way of life. Finding clothes/ brands you’re in love with is hard enough, so we’ve founded ourselves on becoming a brand that’s not so hard to believe in. 

Here’s some ways we’re making an effort to be eco-friendly:

  • All clothing tags and bags are made of recycled materials.
  • Mailers used are 100% compostable, break down in 6 months, and may also be reused. Check out more about my NoIssuee Mailers.
  • In the store, our receipt options are paperless.

As always, we’re open to suggestions on ways we can better our company and decrease our carbon footprint. Scroll down, click on the “contact us” link, and let’s chat! But don’t just stop there, let us know what you want to see more of in the store, too. 💖


Ware Nectar is made for all the bad ass babes who, regardless of gender identity, race, size, and anything else that makes up who you are, just love to dress up. If going out isn’t the only time you want to look good — we support you in flaunting those cute jeans at home! Life is too short to wear boring clothes. ✨

Be young. Be now. Be edgy. Be independent. Be fresh. Be on your grind. Be quirky. Be vibrant. Be sexual. Be too loud. Be intriguing. Be demanding. Be a boss b***h. Be a bad b***h. Be YOU.

Our brand is here to provide you with staple wardrobe pieces and those statement items as well. Whether you’re searching for the ultimate party piece, a comfy work-from-home set, or some heels to make all your friends jealous, Ware Nectar makes it easier for you to embrace your inner baddie!

Gaining inspiration to #WareWhatIWant never felt easier.

So, serve up those killer looks and take your aesthetic up a level. let’s uncover what it is that makes you, you. Our team is here to help you allow that to shine through. The fashion bestie of your dreams is finally here. 🦋😇